The first mentioning of the village by written historical sources dates from 1567, when it was recorded with the name  Zachwa. In the medieval church administration it probably belonged to the district of Sepsi, a status maintained in the Reformed church organization from the 16th century till 1921, when, together with other 8 other parishes, Saciova was allocated to the diocese of Orba.

Earlier Saciova was the mother church of communities Anonoasa (Hu: Egerpatak) and Măgheruș (Hu: Sepsimagyaros). Administratively the village belongs to the commune of Reci (Hu: Réty) today. Locals can still recount the stories about the fortress of Saciova. They say the elders had little knowledge of the fort other that “… the fortress was surrounded by great forests”. Placed in the mountains of Întorsura Buzăului (Hu: Bodzaforduló), far away from the village all we have is the conclusions reached by archaeologists: “we may include the fortress of Saciova in the long line of medieval fortresses characterized by uncertainty, when it comes to issues of chronology and function. We do not have any written accounts neither any medieval archaeological findings related to the area of the fort.” (Lóránd Bordi Zsigmond)

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