The village of Chichiș is situated at the junction of the rivers Olt and Râul Negru (Hu: Feketeügy), a place where “the famous north-eastern wind, which bears the name Nemere and the south-western winds are free to run rampant, mountains, woods do not hinder them”.

The village was first mentioned in 1461 as Kwekews. The 1567 tax census recorded 34 houses in the village. Balázs Orbán, after having walked around Trei Saune (Hu: Háromszék) county, had the following thoughts in mind: “I am standing here, at your borders, beautiful and glorious Háromszék. Your beautiful peaks before me are but without a cloud, and all familiar to me, I can see the grand land that gave us bright people and golden wheat. The huge and often fearful mountains of Nemere, Bükszád and Kászon facing me wave goodbye. I am leaving you for now.”

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